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Original 1930s White D Lewis Flying Helmet

£85.00 Approx $105.85, €98.95

Code: 52982

An original 1930s flying helmet by D. Lewis in white chamois leather. 

This rare pattern of helmet is hard to find today compared to the brown leather version. Many of the details are the same but the entire helmet is made from an off white coloured chamois leather. It features the same ear flaps for Gosport Tubes, forehead strap and chin strap as the leather version and the rear features a single goggle strap. Inside the classic D. Lewis label is present.

The helmet is a small size which just fits the display head. It displays fairly well although one of the ear flap pop studs has started to pull through as detailed in the pictures. The material of the helmet has also hardened and become somewhat crisp meaning it is no longer pliable and has taken on the shape of the display head, even when removed. Please study the pictures carefully before purchasing. 

Whilst not a fantastic example this helmet could still form part of an aviation display.