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Original Private Purchase 1936 Pattern Flying boots - Size 8


Code: 52954

An original pair of private purchase 1936 pattern flying boots in a size 8 and in good condition. 

This pattern of boot was introduced before the Second World War as was the most prolific pattern of flying boot to be used during the early part of the Second World War. Many period photographs from the Battle for France and the Battle of Britain show this pattern in use and they are now synonymous with the period. They were produced for the Air Ministry as well as by private companies and could be purchased by airmen. Private purchase examples such as these are often thought to be of higher quality than their issue counterparts.

The difference between these boots and issue boots is very limited. The black leather uppers of the private purchase boots have a pebbled finish which is the main distinguishing difference. All the other details are the same including the sheepskin lining, the opening at the top of the boot which fastens with a metal plated buckle and leather strap and the seam to seam stitching between the shoe and the upper - something not seen on post-war manufactured boots as it was an expensive process. 

The soles are the original leather soles which show some signs of wear and age. The heels are original 'Avon' branded rubber examples and show limited wear. 

Inside both boots are two leather pull tabs which are made from the same black coloured pebble finish leather used for the boot uppers. Above this is a leather label which states the style as U669G and the size of 8. 

The boots are in good condition for their age and display very well. Overall they are solid with some limited signs of wear and age. There is a section to each sole where the two halves have separated as detailed in the pictures but this is the only flaw I can find. 

A nice pair of original 1936 pattern boots!