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Battle Of Britain Period RAF B-Type Flying Helmet


Code: 50035

Here we have a Battle of Britain period RAF B-Type flying helmet complete with its original ear pieces!

This pattern of flying helmet is synonymous with fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain but also saw service with many other branches of the RAF in the early war years.

The overall condition of the leather on this helmet is very good with no nicks or tears or any areas where the leather has worn through. The lining is also in good condition for 75 years old!

One of the most distinctive features of the B-Type is the large zipped ears which house the radio receivers. These are still present on this example and both retain their original brass zips. There are however a few issues as can be seen in the photographs; there are some rips to the edge of the ears as well as a rip down the side of one of the zips. With some time and care this could be restored.

The chin strap is present but missing the small piece of metal usually fitted to the end. The 'Bennets' buckle is also present but the lower half is missing meaning it isn't possible to do the chin strap up.

All the original pop studs are present, now missing most of their original paint to the outside.

There is also some wiring included with this helmet for display purposes. There are no receivers in the ears, the wiring is merely pushed into place.

An average condition B-Type flying helmet which is priced accordingly. A good basis for a project or just display as is!