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Original WW2 C-type Flying Helmet, G-Type Oxygen Mask and MK VIII Gogg


Code: 11088

A full wartime RAF head set consisting of flying helmet, oxygen mask and goggles which is representative of a Costal Command or Fleet Air Arm aircrew member.

The set is made up from a good condition FAA second pattern C-type flying helmet, a G-Type oxygen mask and MK VIII googles which all date from the wartime period.

The helmet is in good sound condition and displays well. Both the Zips on the ears work well and the runner receiver housing inside are both intact and ready for receivers to be fitted. The leather outer is supple and the interior chamois lining is very clean too. There is a rip to the lining around the ear and a small tear around the whole which takes the wiring through to the ear piece, but aside from that it displays very week.

The G-Type oxygen mask is an original wartime example but sadly has seen better days. Whilst the harness is good along with the metal work and microphone, the rubber of the mask has perished somewhat around the nose piece, leaving an area of roughly 1cm square missing. When the mask is displayed this is not so noticeable. The microphone is in A1 condition and still retains its original stores tag! The rubber ring which fits over the mic is currently missing, but these can be sourced.

The oxygen mask also has the rare and sort-after early buckle which clips on at the cheek, as apposed to the more common later pattern.

The goggles are an honest pair of wartime period MK VIII goggles in reasonable condition. The black elastic strap is in good condition and still retains its elasticity, the leather and metal are all in good condition and the lenses are clear with only a small amount of delamination visible.

All in all, a nice set featuring all correct wartime parts which displays nicely.