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Original WW2 RAF MK VIII Goggles + Box


Code: 51410

An original pair of RAF MK VIII RAF goggles in excellent condition complete the Air Ministry mark to the leather bridge piece and their original issue cardboard box.

The MK VIII goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles, coming into service during 1943 and staying in use with the RAF until the 1960s.

This particular pair are genuine RAF issue examples rather than post-war after market goggles. Albeit faint, the Air Ministry markings can be seen in the leather bridge. As well as this they have the curved edges to the brass frames, often associated with war time manufactured goggles.

The goggles are in very good condition for their age with only limited signs of wear and age. The brass frames retain the majority of their blue paint whilst all the chromed parts only show a small amount of tarnishing. The chamois backing of the face cushions is very good and again shows no major signs of use with a circular stamp being visible.

The goggles retain their original strap which is also in good condition and retains plenty of elasticity. Both the leather pull tabs are still present to the metal adjuster.

The goggles come complete with their original box which is in reasonable condition with one of the side flap missing. It is still strong and displays well with all the information to the top being completely legible.

Inside the box the spare lenses are present, as is the anti-dimming tin which is dated July 1941. Inside this the original cloth is present, which whilst soiled also bears the same date of July 1941.

All in all a fantastic set of goggles complete with their original box and accessories. These would make a fine addition to any collection without a doubt!