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Original 1943 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin - Size 3


Code: 50277

A rare example of a war dated size 3 British Army leather jerkin in reasonable condition.

This large size 3 jerkin features a leather outer made of whole pieces which is rare to find in wartime jerkins of this date. Usually by this point in the war, jerkins were made from many pieces of leather as an austerity measure.

Inside the jerkin is lined with green serge as the commonly are. The label is completely intact and legible and reads 'Jerkins No2 - Leather Size No. 3' which will fit someone of 6'2" and up to a 46" chest.

I measured the jerkin laid flat and it measures as a 46" at the most.

The jerkin could be restored or displayed as is. There is a missing button to the front and some of the stitching has come loose. In particular the entire right-hand side has come away and around both arm holes the same has happened. I would like to point out that this isn't damage but stitch rot as is common in vintage leather goods. The leather is in no way damaged, the stitching has merely disintergrated! This could easily be repaired, if the new owner so wishes.

There is also some lovely period repairs to both shoulders which can be seen in the pictures which really set this item off.

Original wartime dated jerkins in a large size such as this are incredibly hard to find these days, so don't miss out!