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Original 1942 Dated 1941 Pattern ATS Tunic - Size 14


Code: 50649

An original 1941 Pattern Auxiliary Territorial Service tunic dated 1942 and in a good large size No.14.

This tunic is the 'Jacket, Serge, A.T.S 1941 Pattern' and is sometimes referred to as the Second Pattern Tunic or Economy Tunic. It features a 4 button front and flapped chest pockets and lower pockets. This example does not come with a belt but one could be sourced if you so wished.

Inside the tunic the original lining is very clean showing no real signs of wear. The First Field Dressing pocket is still present as is the original label which is still legible and states the tunic as being a large size 14 which will fit up to 5'8" in height, 37" bust and 29" waist. The 1942 dated is also on the label as is the War Department broad arrow.

The overall condition of the tunic is extremely good and it looks almost unissued. It looks as if no badges have ever been fitted to the tunic as there are no holes in the places where badges would have been attached. There is however a black hook stitched on under the left hand epaulette which I assume has something to do with a lanyard. The tunic isn't a perfect example as it does have a few small holes here and there, although they really are very small!

All in all, a very nice war dated example of and ATS tunic in a good wearable size!