Scarce Original 1941 Dated First Pattern ATS Peaked Cap

Scarce Original 1941 Dated First Pattern ATS Peaked Cap

Code: 52377


A rare original first pattern Auxiliary Territorial Service Peaked cap dated 1941.

This cap is instantly recognisable as a first pattern example as the chin strap is made from the same barathea serge material as the rest of the cap. This was changed for a leather chin strap early in the war making these first pattern examples sought after today.  The hat features a rayon lining as is standard with issue caps and a soft, stitched peak - yet another trait of the early pattern caps. There is a single metal grommet to the right hand side of the cap and a brass ATS cap badge is fitted to the front. 

The interior still retains some of its markings. Whilst the makers marking and date are no longer legible, the War Department acceptance stamp is. This is surmounted by the letter 'P' which denotes 1941 as the year of manufacture. It also appears that the original owner has marked their name in ink to the interior although this is sadly no longer legible. 

The cap is approximately a size 7 so will fit on a display head nicely.

The condition of the hat is good overall and it displays nicely. The serge still has plenty of its nap and the interior only shows limited signs of wear. There is some soiling to the interior from wear which is to be expected. A small triangular piece has been added to the rear of the cap to make it slightly larger although this cannot be seen unless the skirt is folded down. It has been very well done and is only noticeable on very close inspection. Please study the pictures and remember that this is an issued, pre-worn item of 80 years old.

Issue example first pattern caps are very rare to find today making this particularly desirable.