Rare Original 1942 Dated ATS Camouflage Leather Jerkin

Rare Original 1942 Dated ATS Camouflage Leather Jerkin

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rare original 1942 Dated camouflaged Auxiliary Territorial Service leather jerkin as used during WW2.

This pattern of leather jerkin was produced specifically for the ATS during the Second World War. This example is the first pattern which was produced throughout the war before being replaced by a simplified version in 1945. Proportionally it is different to the men's version being longer in the body. It also features darts at the top which run down towards the chest and most notably has a rear belt. 

The jerkin is made from a brown coloured leather and features a four button front which fastens the same way around as most women's items. The leather features a mottled, camouflaged effect which is also seen on men's leather jerkings during this period but is rare to find with women's examples. The interior is lined with a khaki green coloured wool material to which the original label is affixed. It is well worn leaving only some details still leigible including the 1942 date and the War Department broad arrow. Below this is an ink stamp with the number '8' which denotes the size. There is also a War Department acceptance stamp to the interior which is surmounted by the letter 'O' which confirms 1942 as the year of manufacture.

When laid flat the jerkin measures - 

Chest - 21 1/2"
Shoulders - 17 1/2"
Length at rear - 30"

The jerkin is in reasonable condition for its age and displays well. The front displays well and the lining is very good with some signs of age etc. The leather at the rear has some damage and repairs as illustrated in the final picture. The leather is thin and weak in some areas around where it is distressed although it can still be displayed with care. It is far from perfect and has been issued and worn and has some small flaws commensurate with this. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing as this is a vintage, pre-worn item. 

A hard to find piece of women's clothing from the Second World War with a good wartime date.