Original WW2 US Women's Army Corps ETO Officers Jacket

Original WW2 US Women's Army Corps ETO Officers Jacket

Code: 51834


An original United States Women's Army Corps ETO Officers Jacket dating from the Second World War. 

This pattern of jacket was worn by Officers serving in the UK and in Northwest Europe. It is made from the regulation colour OD 51 wool elastique and features WAC Collar badges as well as U.S. Collar devices. Each epaulette is fitted with 1st Lieutenant Insignia which are marked 'Shold - R - Form' with one also being sterling marked. What is particularly interesting is a shadow on both epaulettes where Distinctive Insignia has been fitted previously. These badges were popular with Some Troop Carrier units, Airborne units and more. There is also a shadow to the left sleeve where a patch has previously been removed and appears to have had a scroll to the top which is longer than the main portion of the badge and may help trace the original unit. Sadly both badges have been removed, either by the original owner as a keepsake or by a badge collector in more recent years. 

The tunic also features faux chest pockets and a single overseas bar to the bottom of the left sleeve. The interior of the jacket is fully lined in a green-gold coloured rayon. 

When laid flat the jacket measures  -

Chest - 18 3/4"
Waist - 14 1/2"
Inside arm - 17"
Outside arm -23 1/2"
Shoulders - 16 1/2"
Length - 19 1/2"

The tunic is in reasonable condition for its age with signs of wear and use. There are a number of period repairs as shown in the pictures. 

All in all a nice original WW2 tunic which could offer the opportunity for further research.