Original WW2 USAAF B8 Polaroid Flying Goggles, Box and Spare Lenses

Original WW2 USAAF B8 Polaroid Flying Goggles, Box and Spare Lenses

Code: 50416


An original pair of USAAF B8 Polaroid Flying Goggles complete with their original box, spare lenses and spare lenses wallet.

This pair of original goggles were made by the 'Polaroid Corporation' who were the most prolific manufacture of this pattern of goggles.

The goggles themselves are marked 'Flying Goggle, A.A.F Type B8' to the top of the rubber frame and are in good overall condition. The rubber frame is good as is the chamois backing which only has light soiling. The elastic strap has sadly lost nearly all of its elasticity and is in bad shape generally speaking. It does however still display fine and keep the goggles on the helmet when displayed.

The original box is in good condition but far from perfect. It has various scuffs and marks consummate with its age and one corner is a little bent out of shape.

There are also a number of spare lenses included with these goggles which come complete in their original cotton case which is in excellent condition. There is no soiling to the exterior of the fabric, the text is still very clear and the pop stud works well. The lenses themselves are in reasonable condition but do show some signs of age and are a little warped as is common.

A good solid original set of wartime goggles complete with their original case and spares lenses which display well.