Original WW2 USAAF AN-H-15 Flying Helmet, A14 Oxygen Mask and B-8 Flying Goggles Set

Original WW2 USAAF AN-H-15 Flying Helmet, A14 Oxygen Mask and B-8 Flying Goggles Set

Code: 50954


A complete Second World War USAAF Headgear set typical of those seen worn by fighter pilots in the later stages of the war.

The set consists of a wartime AN-H-15 tan summer flying helmet made by 'Bradley Goodrich Inc' which is a size medium and comes complete with its ANB-H-1 receivers and wiring loom. The correct 'PL-354' plus with its red casing and brass jack can be found at the end of the wiring.

Next is an original A-14 oxygen mask which is again a size medium and dated April 1944. The mask comes complete with its oxygen hose and harness.

Lastly is an original pair of B-8 Polaroid Flying Goggles with AAF markings. They were a popular choice with American flyers throughout WW2 and go to complete what is altogether a nice set.

The condition of the set is good and it displays very well together, as can be seen in the photographs. The helmet appears to be very clean with no damage that I can see. The receivers look good but the wiring does show signs of age. The mask also displays well but does have signs of age with cracking in some areas. The harness also looks to have been fastened up wrong but it sits nicely on a display head nonetheless. The goggles are also good an the lenses are nice. The only flaw is that a section of the elastic strap has been sympathetically replaced with a new matching piece of elastic. This doesn't really detract from them and means they are a good tight fit on the display head.

All in all a nice original wartime AAF set which displays very well together and would make a great addition to any military or aviation collection.

Please note - Display head not included.