Original WW2 USAAF AN-H-15 Flying Helmet - Size Large

Original WW2 USAAF AN-H-15 Flying Helmet - Size Large

Code: 11472


An original USAAF AN-H-15 Summer Flying Helmet in good condition.

This pattern of helmet came into use with the American Air Force in April of 1943 and was used in both the Pacific Theatre and in Europe. The canvas construction was suited to the summer months and there are many pictures of pilots using these in both campaigns.

This particular example retains its original label which states the size as large. The manufacturers name is also on the label and reads 'Society Brand Hat Co'. The helmet is also marked with the USAAF logo to both the interior and exterior.

The original owner has marked his name to the chin strap which reads 'O V Pezzi' which may be offer the chance at further research.

The helmet is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. The cotton body of the helmet is in good condition as is all the leather work, the rubber ear pieces and the chamois ear donuts. The helmet has clearly seen very limited use, if any and displays extremely well. The fabric around a pop studs which holds on one of the rear goggle straps has torn. This is only noticable on close inspection. There is also some loss of stitching to the leather panel on the left cheek which houses the pop studs for the oxygen mask. This is again only noticable on close inspection.

This original helmet would certainly be hard to better and would make a great addition to any WW2 aviation collection.