Original WW2 US Army Third Pattern HBT Jacket - Size 36R

Original WW2 US Army Third Pattern HBT Jacket - Size 36R

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An original WW2 United States Army Third Pattern Herringbone Twill jacket in used condition.

Officially designated 'Jacket, HBT, OD7, Special', this pattern of jacket was introduced in mid 1943 and saw service throughout the rest of the war. It was however superseded by the fourth pattern HBT jacket in July 1944 meaning it was only manufactured for a short period. 

The jacket is made from the standard green coloured herringbone twill material used for all US Army workwear during the Second World War. The jacket features large double-pleat action of vertical and horizontal pleats to the chest which are the trademark of the third pattern jacket. The cuffs can be fastened around the wearer's wrists and there is evidence  of where the integral gas flap which fastens behind the main opening has been removed - a common mod! 

The jacket retains its original size tag which states the size as 36R. When laid flat the jacket measures - 

Chest - 22 1/2"
Inside arm - 20 1/2"
Outside arm - 23"
Shoulders - 19 1/2"
Length - 28"

The jacket is in good condition with only limited signs of wear and use. It has a few rust marks to the rear but overall it displays well. The jacket is still very wearable but please study the pictures carefully before purchasing. 

A good original WW2 fatigue jacket!