Original USAAF B-1 Mechanics Sheepskin Trousers

Original USAAF B-1 Mechanics Sheepskin Trousers

Code: 51008


An original pair of Second World War USAAF B-1 Mechanics Trousers in good condition.

This pattern of trousers was designed to be worn by USAAF ground crews in the winter months along with the D-1 Jacket although they did also see limited use with Aircrews. They are a lighter-weight garment than the A-3 trousers and arguably easier to wear.

This particular pair were made by 'Perry Sports Co' as can be read on the original label which is till present to the interior of the trousers. Above the label the original metal hanging chain is still in position although it is only attached at one end. On leg zipper is an original 'Conmar' example whilst the other two zips have been sympathetically replaced with brass YKK examples. Whilst not wartime, these zips are in-keeping with the trousers and not noticeably wrong unless under close inspection.

The front of the trousers features the Army Air Force logo which has faded but is still present. The braces are intact and appear to be in reasonable condition, one being marked 'CAW' in ink.

The overall condition of the trousers is good and they display well. Furthermore they feel strong and wearable still, although they are a vintage item of 70 years old so this would be at the owners risk. There are a couple of period looking repairs which can be seen in the pictures with the main one being to the rear.

All in all a nice original pair of wartime shearling trousers in good condition for their age. They would make a great addition to any aviation collection!