Original US Navy G-1 Flying Jacket - First Contract Made By L. W. Fost

Original US Navy G-1 Flying Jacket - First Contract Made By L. W. Fost

Code: 11540


A genuine first contract USN G-1 Flying Jacket made by L. W. Foster Sportswear in distressed condition.

These jackets were first brought into service during 1947 replacing the earlier AN-J3A which was used during the Second World War.

This particular jacket is from the first contract 55J14 (AER) which was made between 1947 and 1951 which not only makes it rarer than other G-1 jackets, but much more sort-after.

The back of the collar features the USN stencil which was standard on these jackets. The jacket also retains its original 'Talon' brand zipper which functions perfectly.

The condition of the jacket is very good overall except in the places where it is distressed. The back panel of the jacket is very bad as can be seen in the picture and would need to be replaced if the jacket was to be worn. One of the sleeve also has quite a big hole which again, could be replaced by a specialist to make the jacket wearable.

The knitted cuffs and waistband are both intact but by no means in perfect condition. Personally I would keep them on the jacket as they still display well and are original, but reproductions can easily be sourced.

One of the front pockets is also missing a button.

Whilst G-1 flying jackets are available on the market, first contract examples such as this are very hard to find. With some specialist work, this jacket would be a real stunner and would look good in any flying jacket collection.