Original 1945 Dated US 'Jacket, Field, Wool, O.D - Size 34

Original 1945 Dated US 'Jacket, Field, Wool, O.D - Size 34

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An original 1945 dated US Army ‘Jacket, Field , Wool, O.D’, often referred to as an Eisenhower Jacket or Ike Jacket.

This particular jacket features corporal stripes to each sleeve and has clearly had two patches removed from the top of the left sleeve which could have been airborne patches judging by the collar of the stitching. Two service chevrons can also be found towards the bottom of the left sleeve.

The tunic still retains all of its original labels including its size label in the back of the neck which reads 34R. The fitting label is also present in this area and the manufacture label can be found in the usual place. It again states the size as 34 Regular and the date of manufacture as the 6th of March 1945.

The overall condition of the jacket is very good as can be seen in the photographs and makes it ideal for both the collector and reenactor alike.

A nice original wartime American jacket.