Original 1942 Dated USAAF OD Officers Tunic with Pilot Wings

Original 1942 Dated USAAF OD Officers Tunic with Pilot Wings

Code: 50708


An original 1942 dated United States Army Air Force Officers O.D. Dark Elastique tunic with pilots wings in a size 35R.

This original Second World War tunic features an original USAAF patch to the left sleeve which has been nicely hand stitched onto the jacket. A set of pilots wings can be found above the left breast pocket and below this a trio of medal ribbons. The collar features U.S. and Air Corps insignia whilst the shoulders have rank bars for First Lieutenant.

The jacket was made by 'Saks Fifth Avenue' as is apart by the label in the interior. Below this label is the standard Regulation Army Officers Uniform label. Inside the inner pocket is the issue label which states the jacket as being made on the 1st of December 1942 and being a size 35 regular.

The overall condition of the jacket is very good as can be seen in the pictures and there are no signs of excessive wear or damage that I can see. All the original buttons are present as is the original waist belt and buckle.

Overall a great looking original WW2 USAAF jacket which displays very well and looks excellent when worn due to the tailoring.