1942 Dated US Enlisted Men's Tunic - Size 39 L

1942 Dated US Enlisted Men's Tunic - Size 39 L

Code: 50711


An original 1942 dated US Army Enlisted Men's Tunic in a large size 39 Long which comes without any insignia.

This original tunic is a blank canvas and is ready to be badged up to whatever unit you desire.

The tunic does appear to have been issued as it has a service number inside but aside from this there are no other real signs of use, leaving the tunic in very nice condition. There are a coupe of small holes which I have added photographs of but these are only noticeable on close inspection.

Inside one of the pockets the tunic retains its original makers label which is quite worn leaving only some of the details clear. The size, 39L is clear and this is also stamped to the lining of the jacket inside the neck.

All in all a good original US tunic in a nice tall wearable size. This would be ideal for a re-enactor.