Superb 1945 Dated War Service Dress Trousers

Superb 1945 Dated War Service Dress Trousers

Code: 50528

An excellent original pair of 1945 dated RAF War Service Dress Trousers as worn by aircrew's and Ground Crews from 1943 onwards.

This pattern of trousers replaced the earlier 'Suits, Aircrew' which came into issue in late 1940 and was the standard working dress for all members of the RAF until 1947 when the 'New Pattern' uniforms was introduced.

This particular pair were issued to Corporal Bailey who served between 1940 and 1945 with the RAF as a Radar Operator and are in extremely good condition showing no signs of wear or damage. They are as good a pair that I have ever seen.

Inside the trousers the original label is still present and is nice and bright. Annoyingly when the label has been stitched on the stitching has gone through the middle of the date! There is however a War Department stamp with the letter code of 'Z' which denotes 1945 as the year of manufacture and confirms what is on the label.

The trousers are a good size with a 35" waist and a 30 1/2" inside leg so ideal for a re-enactor.

Overall, a fantastic pair of wartime RAF trousers in outstanding condition. These really would be hard to better!