Super Rare 1945 Dated RAF Heavy Duty Dress Blouse - Size 8

Super Rare 1945 Dated RAF Heavy Duty Dress Blouse - Size 8

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An extremely rare example of the RAF Heavy Duty Dress Blouse dated 1945 and in excellent condition.

This pattern of jacket was introduced into service with the RAF in 1943 and was issued to pilots of the Second Tactical Air Force who were flying over enemy occupied Europe. It saw extensive issue with squadrons who landed in Normandy and throughout the rest of the campaign in North West Europe. There are many period pictures showing this green battledress being worn and many first hand accounts from pilots who flew during this period mentioned that they change into 'khaki uniforms' when they arrived in France. Those men serving as part of ground crews and RAF Servicing Commando were also issued these HDD uniforms. 

The jacket is in fact identical to the British Army issue 1940 Pattern (Austerity) Battledress Blouse in every way apart from the label. It is made from the standard khaki green coloured serge wool and features green vegetable ivory (plastic) buttons throughout. The waist belt fastens with a chromium plated buckle and the collar fastens with two black painted metal hooks and eyes.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It bears the title of 'Blouse, Heavy Duty Dress (Khaki Battledress)' and the size of 8. The maker's name of 'John Hammond & Co' is also present as is the 1945 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. There is also a purple issue stamp which reads 'June 1945. As well as this there is a War Department acceptance stamp which is partly obscured but would have been surmounted with the letter 'Z'.

The jacket is in excellent condition with no real signs of wear and use. It displays very well and on the whole has a very fresh appearance and looks to be un-issued. The only flaw is a small hole to the waist belt (picture 4) which is not seen when the jacket is done up as it is obscured by the securing loop. On the whole the jacket is in fine condition but please take time to study the pictures and bear in mind that this is a vintage item which may have small issues commensurate with age. 

This is one of the rarest RAF  jackets from the Second World War as only limited numbers were produced. This is a must have for the serious collector!