Rare Pre War / Early WW2 RAF Irvin Flying Jacket - Large Size

Rare Pre War / Early WW2 RAF Irvin Flying Jacket - Large Size

Code: 55441


An original early WW2 RAF Irvin Flying jacket which was made by 'Irvin'. 

Introduced into service during the 1930s and officially designated 'Jacket, Flying, Thermally Insulated', this jacket is typical of those worn during the early stages of the Second World by both Fighter and Bomber Command. This example dates from between the late 1930s and the end of 1940 when this pattern with the single seam to the rear was replaced by an economy version. This change in design makes this pattern the only correct style for the Battle of Britain, making them highly sought-after by collectors today. 

The rear of the jacket features a single seam which is the most obvious sign of an early war jacket. The thin style belt loops and lack of metal hanging chain denote this jacket as a Irvin made jacket rather than another maker. The collar retains its leather tab and both of the corresponding metal rings are also present to the underside. Two eyelets are also still present, to which an elasticated collar band can be fitted. The original waist belt is also still present and is in good condition. 

The main zip is the original early war D.O.T type which retains its factory fitted leather pull tabs which is testament to the excellent condition and originality of this jacket. The puller is a typical high quality, large style example as often seen on pre-war and very early war clothing. The bucket at the bottom of the main zipper is marked 'DOT Made in England'. Both of the sleeve zippers are also 'D.O.T' examples and function well. They have been shortened along with the sleeves which is a reasonably common period modifaction to find as these large size jackets tend to run long in the sleeve. 

The jacket is a large size which will suit around a 44" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat the jacket measures - 

Chest - 25"
Inside arm - 20"
Outside arm - 22 1/2"
Shoulders - 20 1/2"
Length - 26 1/2"

The jacket is in good condition as can be seen in the pictures. It is still a lovely, bright conker brown colour, has a very supple feel to it and it displays very well. All the seams appear strong with no signs of damage or age and on the whole it appears to be in excellent structural order. The sheepskin is worn in places - most notably around the edges of the collar and along the bottom edge of the jacket. There are also a couple of areas of wear to the sheepskin inside the jacket. On the whole the jacket displays well and will put up with careful wearing but it is a vintage item which has some issues commensurate with age. Please take time to study the pictures carefully before purchasing. 

A nice early war jacket which is a hard to find large size. This would suit a Battle of Britain collector very well.