Rare Original Early WW2 RAF Officer's Peaked Cap - Issue Example

Rare Original Early WW2 RAF Officer's Peaked Cap - Issue Example

Code: 54277


A lovely early war RAF officers peaked cap in great condition which would be ideal for a Battle of Britain enthusiast.

This cap has many of the traits considered to be typical of early manufactured hats by collectors. The green underside of the peak of this cap is one of the main attributes which indicates an early production cap as well as the stitched padded interior of the crown. This cap is particularly interesting as it appears to be an issue version, rather than private purchase. This is evident from the War Department acceptance stamp to the reverse of the leather sweatband as illustrated in picture 8.

To the front of the cap is an original padded Kings Crown RAF Officers cap badge which is in good condition and appears to be original to the cap. Below this is a chinstrap which is again original and of the correct pattern for the era and not a later addition. It is a thin example which is typical of early production caps. The hat quite likely would have had a wire stiffener fitted into the crown to keep its shape which has been removed by the original owner to give it more shape. This was a popular thing to do as it gave the cap more character and made the wearer look like an 'old hand' - I.e someone who had been around for some time.

The overall condition of the hat is very good as can be seen from the photographs. The cap has clearly been worn and the interior shows some signs of wear. It still displays very well though as the exterior is in very nice shape.

The cap measures at 22" meaning it will fit a size 7 head. 

A fine original early war cap which would make a great addition to any RAF collection, especially one with a Battle of Britain focus.