Rare Original 1944 Dated Indian Made RAF Side Cap

Rare Original 1944 Dated Indian Made RAF Side Cap

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A scarce original 1944 dated RAF Ordinary Airman's side cap made in India in 1944. 

A lot of uniform and equipment was produced for the British military in India during the Second World War. These items saw issue in the North African Campaign, Sicily and Italy as well as the Far East due to the shorter supply lines. Many soldiers and airmen fighting in these theatres of war would have worn Indian made clothing making this cap ideal for someone interested in that area.

From the outside, the cap appears to be a standard issue example made from raf blue-grey coloured serge wool. It features a brass King's crown RAF cap badge and two brass RAF buttons to the front. The interior however is different featuring a simple cotton lining which has been vat dyed a blue grey colour. To this is the standard Indian circular date stamp which features the SHAH anagram as well as the date of April 1944. There is also a white label which features the size stamp which reads 6 3/4.

The cap is in good condition and displays well with some signs of wear and use. There is staining and discolouration to the lining from wear but overall it displays well. The brass cotter pin found inside the cap which retains the cap badge bears signs of age and would suggest that the badge is original to the cap. 

A very nice and hard to find theatre made example which is in good condition.