Original WW2 RAF Officers Shirt + Collar

Original WW2 RAF Officers Shirt + Collar

Code: 50392


An original WW2 RAF officers shirt with matching collar in good useable condition.

This shirt is the correct half-fronted type with no chest pockets or epaulettes as worn throughout the Second World War. The shirt features a double cuff which is worn with cuff links and a detachable collar as is standard on wartime RAF officers shirts.

The collar which comes with the shirt is an authentic RAF example which bares the stores code 22B/445 as well as the War Departments broad arrow stamp. The collar is a size 15.

The shirt is in good condition for its age and displays well. There are however a few faults, namely the small amount of wear to each cuff where they have been folded back and a few marks. These are under the armpits and another to the tail of the shirt and are only noticeable on close inspection. The buttons are also missing from the front of the shirt but these are easily sourced.

Overall a very nice example of an authentic WW2 RAF Officers shirt and collar. These are becoming increasingly hard to find and are much rarer than the post-war examples which have chest pockets and epaulettes.