Original WW2 RAF Officer's Peaked Cap

Original WW2 RAF Officer's Peaked Cap

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A nice original Royal Air Force Officers Peaked Cap which dates from the 1940s.

This pattern of cap was worn by RAF officers in the pre-war period and into the post-war years. As it is a private purchase item it is impossible to date exactly but based on the shape and construction it is WW2 period. It features a Kings crown bullion cap badge and a black patent leather chinstrap which is held in place with black coloured cloth covered buttons. The cap features the desirable contrasting white stitching around the crown and has an excellent 'crusher' style shape which was undoubtedly created by the original owner to give himself the look of a seasoned man - something usually seen with air crews. 

The interior of the cap features a leather sweatband which is marked 'Real Roam Leather' as if often found on caps made during this period. There is some loss of stitching to the rear of the sweatband but this does not overly detract from the way the cap displays. 

The hat is a smaller size which will fit around a size 6 7/8 and it measures 21 3/4" around the inside circumference.

The overall condition of the cap is very good and is displays nicely. There is some wear to the edge of the peak at the side which is illustrated picture 8. The button on that side as also been glued in place. Please study the pictures before purchasing and remember that this is a vintage, pre-worn item which has some small flaws commensurate with age. 

A nice original example of an RAF officers hat which is a great crusher type shape.