Original WW2 RAF Leather Jerkin

Original WW2 RAF Leather Jerkin

Code: 11287


A rare original RAF Leather Jerkin dating front the Second World War.

This pattern of leather jerkin came into issue with the British Army during the Great War and stayed in service throughout the Second World War and well into the post-war years. This particular example is the RAF pattern which features an RAF blue blanket serge lining.

This jerkin has all the trademarks of a WW2 issue example and is not the later post-war PVC version. The leather is still supple and is made out of separate panels as per WW2 austerity measures. Sadly there is no longer any label present to the interior of the jerkin, although there is not doubt to its age.

The jerkin is fitted with four 'football' style buttons which whilst are original period buttons are more than likely replacements. This was most likely done at the time but I would have thought the original buttons would have been the standard pattern usually seen on jerkins. None-the-less a nice period detail.

The jerkin is a medium size and when laid flat measures -

Chest - 23"
Length - 33"

The condition of the jerkin is good for its age but it does have plenty of signs of wear and use. The main issue is a hole to the rear which is roughly 2" long with part of it penetrating. Aside from that is the usual wear and age which is to be excepted of a 70+ year old leather jacket.

RAF issue leather jerkins are very rare to find today. This would make an excellent addition to any RAF collection without a doubt!