Original WW2 RAF Fl/Lt Pilot Tunic

Original WW2 RAF Fl/Lt Pilot Tunic

Code: 50224


A nice wartime example of an RAF pilots tunic with the rank of flight lieutenant.

This jacket is not named or dated but is the correct 4 button design used during the war which was replaced in the immediate post-war years. The jacket came with a grouping of mainly Costal Command items so could be of that origin. Inside one of the pockets was a travel warrant from 1946 which is yet another small insight into the history of this piece.

This tunic features a beautiful set of kings crown padded wings with a red backed crown. They are truly magnificent and are what makes this jacket such a nice item.

The jacket also retains its original brass kings crown RAF buttons and brass waist buckle.

The general condition of the jacket is very good and it displays well. It is rayon lined as is usual with jackets from this period. Sadly however, there is some damage to the jacket, namely to the right hand sleeve towards the bottom and to the right hand bellows pocket, again mainly to the bottom. Whilst this is a shame on such a nice jacket, it does still display quite well.

A great original wartime jacket with a beautiful set of wings, ideal for the RAF collector.