Original Rare RAF Ordinary Airman’s Shirt + Collar

Original Rare RAF Ordinary Airman’s Shirt + Collar

Code: 50414


A rare original RAF Ordinary Airman's full button shirt often referred to as 'Canadian Pattern' in excellent condition.

These full button examples were used during the Second World War by men of the Royal Canadian Air Force rather than the half button front type which were used by the RAF. This could be a wartime example or more likely post-war as the RAF changed to this style in the immediate post-war years. Either way, it is still a rare shirt to find today and this one is an exceptional example.

These Ordinary Airman's shirts are noticeably different to the Officers versions which are more commonly found on the market as they are a much darker shade of blue. This is the correct shirt to match a uniform of any RAF airman of the rank of Flight Sergeant and below.

The shirt comes with one original and matching RAF OA collar which bares the 22b contract number and is marked as a size 14 1/2. The other side of the collar also has the original owners serial number stamped onto it.

The shirt is in excellent condition and has clearly been well looked after and only had very limited wear. There is no damage to the shirt, all the buttons are intact and it hasn't had its deep blue colour washed out.

The shirt is a small chest size of roughly a 38" chest.

A lovely original shirt in excellent condition which would be hard to better!