Original RAF MK VIII Anti Glare Spectacles Sunglasses + Case

Original RAF MK VIII Anti Glare Spectacles Sunglasses + Case

Code: 55217


An original pair of RAF MK VIII Sunglasses dating from the Second World War and complete with their original case.

This pattern of spectacles was introduced during the middle of WW2 and saw wide-spread issue throughout the rest of the conflict.

The glasses are the classic 'aviator' shape and feature chrome plated rims and arms with sprung wrap-around ear pieces. They have green tinted lenses of a very high quality which are still very clear and usable today. The inside of one arm bears the designation 'MK VIII' as well as the RAF stores code of 22c / 962 which denotes these as a size large. There is also no War Department broad arrow marking but an AM marking which dates these to being made before 1944.

The glasses are in good used condition with only limited signs of age and use. The arms are good tighter at the hinges. The lenses appear good and the chrome surrounds are also fine with some signs of age, tanishing and wear to the chrome plated parts. It is important to remember that these are a pair of pre-owned, vintage sunglasses which have been used previously. 

Finally is the original case which is still intact and usable with some signs of wear and age. The top features markings which include the War Department broad arrow marking and the 22C/1073 reference number which denotes a size large and matches the spectacles. The size is also stated as large.

A good pair of highly collectable sunglasses which would make a good addition to any aviation collection!