Original Pre WW2 Wareing Suit 'Irvin' Flying Jacket

Original Pre WW2 Wareing Suit 'Irvin' Flying Jacket

Code: 54108


A very nice example of a pre-war RAF sheepskin flying jacket made by 'Wareings'.

In 1935 Wareings were awarded contract 22534/35/C.I by the RAF for making sheepskin flying jackets. It was the only contract awarded to them before the war and lasted from 1935 until 1939. At the beginning of the Second World War they were awarded another contract, B17896/39, in 1939. This jacket has all the traits of a pe-war jacket and was almost certainly made under one of these two contracts.

The jacket is typical of those worn during the early stages of the Second World by both Fighter and Bomber Command. The rear of the jacket features a single seam which is the most obvious sign of an early war jacket. The collar is noticeably square which is a trait of Wareings made jackets, as are the wider belt loops and the style of metal hanging chain. The collar retains its leather tab and both of the corresponding metal rings are also present to the underside. To the rear of the collar the original black elastic strap is still present which is an excellent feature as these are often missing. The original waist belt is also still present and is in good condition as are all of the eyelets under each arm. 

The original owner has added his initials in ink to the rear of the collar which reads 'T.W.T' - a nice period addition. 

The main zip along with both sleeve zips are original pre-war D.O.T examples with the fantastic brown and white interwoven cotton tape backing. All three retain their factory fitted leather pull tabs which is testament to the excellent condition and originality of this jacket. The bucket at the bottom of the main zipper is marked 'DOT British' and all the zips function well. 

The jacket is a small size which will fit a 34-36" chest well depending on desired fit. When laid flat the jacket measures - 

Chest - 20 1/2"
Inside arm - 20 1/2"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 18 1/4"
Length - 24"

The jacket is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. It is complete and without any serious wear or damage. The leather finish is worn and aged although not overly so. There is a very small hole to the front of the chest which is illustrated in picture 9. The jacket is still wearable and displays very well indeed. It is however a vintage, pre-owned item which may have small issues commensurate with age. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing.

A very rare pre-war jacket which would suit a Battle for France or Battle of Britain collector very well. It comes complete with the fantastic pre-war zips, all of which are intact and functioning, as well as the rare collar strap.