Original 1946 Dated RAF War Service Dress Trousers

Original 1946 Dated RAF War Service Dress Trousers

Code: 50682


A nice pair of original World War Two period RAF War Service Dress Trousers dated 1946 in a good wearable size 12.

This pattern of trousers replaced the earlier 'Suits, Aircrew' which came into issue in late 1940 and was the standard working dress for all members of the RAF until 1947 when the 'New Pattern' uniforms was introduced.

The trousers are made from wool serge and feature one rear buttoning pocket, a slash pocket to each hip and a first field dress pocket to the front left of the trousers. They also feature a button fly and have buttons around the inside of the waistband which are used to secure the braces, all of which are the standard black horn type using on this pattern of RAF clothing.

Inside the trousers retain their original label which states the size as 12 which will fit someone of around 5'10 tall, up to a 36" waist and have a 31 1/2" inside leg. A very wearable size!

The original owners name is also inside the trousers in a number of places including on a piece of white tape which has been stitched in above the manufactures label. It bares his number 574666 as well as his rank and number - Sgt. Ward. Sgt. Ward could have been aircrew judging by his rank although this would be hard to prove.

The overall condition of the trousers is good as can be seen in the pictures. There is one small L-shaped repair to the rear of the left leg, a small piece of serge has worn through in the bottom of the fly (not visible when worn or displayed) and there is one button missing from the fly and another from the rear pocket. Aside from this they display well and are certainly still very wearable.

Overall a nice pair of original wartime pattern trousers which are a very good size. Ideal for the re-enactor and collector alike!