Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Trousers

Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Trousers

Code: 11254


An original pair of 1945 dated Royal Air Force War Service Dress Trousers in good condition.

This pattern of trousers replaced the earlier 'Suits, Aircrew' which came into issue in late 1940 and was the standard working dress for all members of the RAF until 1947 when the 'New Pattern' uniforms was introduced.

The trousers are made from wool serge and feature one rear buttoning pocket, a slash pocket to each hip and a first field dress pocket to the front left of the trousers. They also feature a button fly and have buttons around the inside of the waistband which are used to secure the braces, all of which are the standard black horn type using on this pattern of RAF clothing.

Inside the trousers retain their original label which is still bright and legible and states the size as No.6. There is an ink side stamp the the right of the label which confirms this. The label states the manufacturer as 'Justman Ltd' below which is the 1944 date and the War Department broad arrow marking.

The trousers are in good condition and display well. They show no signs of undue wear or use and are still very wearable. They appear to have been altered with the dress pocket and the label both being tacked back on, presumably after the alteration. At the same time belt loops have been added which is a nice period feature. This alteration has been reflected in the price.

When laid flat the trousers measure -

Waist - 15 1/2"
Inside leg - 28 1/2"

It is also worth noting that there is a 3" turn up inside the bottom of the leg so these could be let out.

Altogether a reasonable pair of War Service Dress trousers which display well and are still very wearable.