Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse

Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse

Code: 51114


An original WW2 RAF War Service Dress Blouse Dated 1945 in distressed condition.

This pattern of jacket came into service in late 1940 listed as 'Suits, Aircrew' before being re-designated 'War Service Dress' in 1943, remaining virtually unchanged. The blouse features the wire style waist buckle usually associated with early manufacture 'Suits, Aircrew' blouses, RAF style scalloped pocket flaps, black horn buttons all round and a pair of hook and eyes to close the neck.

The jacket shows traces of where Sergeant stripes were previously attached as well as a wireless operators badge. One albatross shoulder badge is still present whilst the other has been removed. The rank and trade badge suggest the possibility that this was an aircrew jacket originally.

Inside the jacket retains its original makers label which bares the 1945 date, War Department broad arrow marking and the maker 'J Compton, Sons & Webb, Ltd'. The size is stated as No.9 which is a larger size and will fit up to a 40" chest and a 35" waist.

The jacket is in well worn condition with various damage, particularly to the cuff. Please study the pictures as I have been careful to detail all the issues to a good level.

Whilst not the finest example of a wartime RAF BD jacket, it is war dated and complete with its original label. The condition has been reflected in the price and it could still form part of a display or perhaps be carefully restored with time and care.