Original 1945 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Side Cap - Size 7

Original 1945 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Side Cap - Size 7

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An original 1945 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Forage Cap with black Bakelite cap badge and buttons.

These caps came into issue with the RAF shortly before the Second World War and were worn by all airmen of the rank of Flight Sergeant and below. It is now an iconic piece of wartime RAF clothing synonymous with both Sergeant Aircrew and ground crew alike.

This particular example features the black plastic wartime economy cap badge and buttons usually seen on caps dating from around 1944 to 1945. Most of the internal markings inside the cap are well worn but the War Department acceptance stamp has remained intact and is surmounted by the letter 'Z' which confirms 1945 as the year of issue.

The cap will suit around a size 7 head and when laid flat it measures 10 1/2" along the opening.

The cap is in well worn condition and clearly saw plenty of action at the time! There is soiling to the interior and the exterior shows signs of use and fading. It has an excellent used look to it which is impossible to recreate.

Altogether a nice original cap which would make a good addition to any RAF collection.