Original 1945 Dated RAF Forage Cap

Original 1945 Dated RAF Forage Cap

Code: 52187


An original 1945 Dated RAF Side Cap in a size 6 3/4.

This cap is a higher quality version than the standard cap issued to Ordinary Airmen. It was intended for use by Warrant Officers and is made from barathea rather than wool serge. It also features a full rayon lining and suede headband which again make it far superior to the issue version. This example has been fitted with an Ordinary Airman's cap badge rather than a Warrant Officers cap badge which makes it a bit of an oddity. There is no evidence that it has ever been fitted with an officer pattern badge so was presumably worn by an Ordinary Airman. 

Inside the cap features all of its original markings. The makers name of S & P Harris is present as is the 1945 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. The size of 6 3/4 is present as is the title 'Caps F.S. B.G. W.O'. The remnants of the War Department acceptance stamp are also visible. 

The cap is in good condition overall and is still a nice deep blue colour. Whilst it is not faded or washed out, the cap does have a couple of holes to the skirt which can be seen below the cap badge. Please study the pictures provided. 

An interesting original war dated cap which would make a good addition to any aviation collection.