Original 1945 Dated New Zealand Air Force Battledress Jacket

Original 1945 Dated New Zealand Air Force Battledress Jacket

Code: 53453


An original 1945 dated British made RAF battledress jacket with New Zealand wings and officers rank. 

This jacket is the standard pattern of War Service Dress Blouse produced between 1943 and 1946. It was issued to all ranks and was worn as a working dress by aircrews. This example was issued to a New Zealand pilot who was a flight lieutenant in 1945. Many air crews were issued with new blouses at the end of the war which accounts for the clean condition of this example. The wings are a nice padded example, typical of those worn by officers. 

Inside the jacket the original label has been removed. The War Department acceptance stamp is still present however and is surmounted by the letter 'Z' which denotes 1945 as the year of issue.

The jacket is a generous size which will fit a 40" chest well. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 23 1/2"
Waist - 18"
Inside arm - 19"
Outside arm - 25 1/4"
Shoulders - 19"

The jacket is in very good condition overall and displays very well. It is still a deep, blue colour and does not show any signs of excessive wear or washing. There are a couple of small moth nips as detailed in the pictures although these are only noticeable under close scrutiny. 

A nice original wartime jacket!