Original 1944 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse - Size 11

Original 1944 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse - Size 11

Code: 53721


An original RAF War Service Dress battledress blouse jacket dated 1944 which features aircrew insignia

This pattern of jacket came into service in late 1940 listed as 'Suits, Aircrew' before being re-designated 'War Service Dress' in 1943, remaining virtually unchanged. The blouse features the wire style waist buckle usually associated with early manufacture 'Suits, Aircrew' blouses, RAF style scalloped pocket flaps, black horn buttons all round and a pair of hook and eyes to fasten the neck.

The blouse is fitted with original wartime economy printed eagle badges to the top of each sleeve whilst original sergeant stripes with the correct black backing are fitted lower down. These are surmounted by plastic wartime economy Flight Sergeant crowns which retain their original backing plates inside the jacket. An air gunner brevet is fitted to the chest although this may be a later addition.

Inside the jacket the original label is intact and is still legible. It bears the title of 'War Service Dress Blouse' below which is the size of 11 which is designed to fit up to a 39" chest and a 34" waist. The maker's name of 'Montague Burton Ltd' is also present, as is the 1944 date and the War Department broad arrow marking.

The condition of the blouse is very good. It is still a nice deep blue colour and not a heavily worn faded out grey like many offered on the market. The blue indigo lining shows signs of being washed and worn as is to be expected. Overall it displays very well indeed but please do study the pictures before purchasing.

A very nice original RAF WSD blouse in good condition with which would be ideal for the Bomber Command collector or re-enactor.