Original 1940 Dated RAF Irvin Suit Flying Trousers - Size 7

Original 1940 Dated RAF Irvin Suit Flying Trousers - Size 7

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A nice original pair of 1940 dated RAF Irvin Suit flying trousers in good condition and in a hard to find large size 7. 

This pattern of trousers was introduced into service with the RAF In 1938 and was intended to be worn with the matching jacket. Officially designated 'Thermally Insulated Flying Suit, Trousers' this pattern saw extensive use with Bomber Command throughout the Second World War but were also used by Fighter Command and Coastal. It was designed by Leslie Irvin and has become an iconic piece of Second World War clothing today. 

The trousers are made from the standard sheepskin leather which features a waterproof coating to the exterior. The sheepskin is the short pile type usually associated with Irvin made items. The original braces are still present and the chrome plated metal buckles are still bright. Two pockets are located to each thigh and fasten with press studs. Under the left leg flap the RAF A.I.D stamp is still present (picture 6). A fly can be found to the front and pocket openings are present to the hip - all of which fasten with press studs. 

Full length zips run the length of the trousers and are original 'D.O.T' examples. They still work well but there are a couple of teeth missing as detailed in the pictures. The worst affected area is close to the 'bucket' stopper at the top of the trousers and it would be wise to not try to run the zip past this point. Whilst the zips are original the pullers have been replaced with more modern examples. When worn or displayed these would not be seen as they would be tucked inside boots. 

Inside the trousers the original label is still present and bears the size of 7 which is designed to fit a height of 6' 2" - 6' 4" with a 40" - 42" breast and a 36" - 38" waist. The 1940 contract number reads H.174371/40 and the Air Ministry AM and crown marking is also present. 

When laid flat the trousers measure - 

Waist (top) - 21"
Inside leg - 33 1/2"

The trousers are in good condition overall and display well. There are no serious areas of damage or wear but some signs of age. Please study the pictures carefully before purchasing. 

A nice pair of early war irvin flying trousers with a nice label and in a hard to find large size!