Fantastic Original Pre WW2 Civil Air Guard Grouping

Fantastic Original Pre WW2 Civil Air Guard Grouping

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A fantastic original Civil Air Guard uniform grouping which dates from the late 1930s. 

The Civil Air Guard was formed in July 1938 for members of civilian flying clubs to join. It offered a subsidised cost for learning to fly  on the agreement that anyone who joined would go into the RAF or Fleet Air Arm if war broke out. By the beginning of the Second World War most members had gone to join either the RAF or FAA as civilian flying had ceased which makes CAG items very rare to find today. The CAG consisted of both men and women who would have all worn this pattern of uniform.

The grouping was found together and consists of a flying suit, flying helmet, goggles and field service cap. These items were quite likely put into storage at the beginning of the war when the original owner joined the military and would explain why they were found together roughly 80 years later.

The flying suit is made of a blue coloured denim cotton by the American brand 'Carhartt'. They are cut in a classic flying suit design featuring pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps to the chest, epaulettes to the shoulders and a matching waist belt with pressed metal buckle. Open topped pockets are located to the bottom of each leg and adjuster straps are fitted to the bottom of each leg and the end of each sleeve. The front of the coveralls fastens with buttons and all of the buttons are the correct metal Civil Air Guard pattern which are held in place with brass split rings as were commonly used on workwear during this period. The fly buttons feature the 'Carhartt' brand name. The flying suit comes complete with its original insignia which includes the Civil Air Guard pilots wing and the shoulder badge. 

Inside the overalls the original label is still present and features typical period graphics. The maker's name of 'Carhartt' is present below which reads 'Union Made' and 'B.D.A. Rigmel Shrunk'. The size of 38 is also present. 

The overalls are in good condition with some staining from wear and use. Overall they display very well with a fresh, bright appearance with no signs of laundering or heavy wear. There is various staining to the body, arms and legs which is consistent with being used in an aircraft.

The grouping also includes an original side cap which is made from a dark blue coloured wool serge material and features a chrome and enamel Civil Air Guard cap badge to one side. Two Civil Air Guard pattern buttons are fitted to the front and are again chrome plated and feature the CAG acronym. The interior of the cap is lined with a black coloured cotton and the cap badge is held in place with brass cotter pins and a ladies hair pin. The overall condition of the cap is very good as illustrated in the pictures. 

The flying helmet is a private purchase example made by 'S. Lewis's' and is typical of those worn by members of the Civil Air Guard. The interior is lined with chamois and the original label is present to the crown and features the classic graphics used by this company during the 1930s. The original owner has marked his initials in ink to the interior. The helmet is fitted with a set of Gosport Tubes which are original to the helmet. The metal earpieces are marked 'D.H. Type Earphones'. The helmet is in good condition on the whole although there is a tear at the rear as illustrated in the pictures. 

The final piece of the grouping is the goggles which are attached to the helmet. They are typical in shape and construction of the 1930s and are marked 'Aviator Goggle'. They feature chromium plated frames and an elastic strap. They are not the most expensive pair that the original owner could have purchased but are completely typical of the sort used by men and women of the CAG.

A truly fantastic grouping which would make a brilliant addition to any aviation collection.