Early WW2 RAF OA Trousers With Original Label

Early WW2 RAF OA Trousers With Original Label

Code: 50209


A beautiful example of an early war made pair of RAF OA trousers complete with their original label.

This pattern of trousers came into use with the RAF in 1936 and stayed in service until the 1960s. What makes this pair special however is that they are of early World War Two manufacture. The trousers feature brass buttons, a white cotton still lining and a large linen label stitched to the outside of the trousers. These features mark this pair out as a guaranteed early war made examples.

The trousers are a small size 3 which will fit up to a 30" waist. The label does have a faint purple issue stamp on it but I haven't managed to read it.

The condition of the trousers is fantastic having only ever had very limited wear. This were almost certainly a pair of 'best' trousers. There is one small moth nip to the left leg but this is only noticeable under very close observation.

The trousers also came with a pair of braces which are listed below.

A fantastic example of an early war pair of trousers which would compliment any RAF collection!