1942 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic and Belt - LAC Maxwell

1942 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic and Belt - LAC Maxwell

Code: 50542


An excellent 1942 dated RAF Ordinary Airman's tunic in a large size 13 complete with its original belt and Insignia which belonged to Leading Air Craftsman Maxwell who served in the RAF during the Second World War.

This tunic was the standard tunic worn by all Airmen under the rank of Warrant Officer throughout the Second World War and features semi-embroidered albatross insignia to the top of each sleeve and Indian made LAC props below this. There is also an Air Sea Rescue patch to one sleeve but this is suspected to be a repro.

The tunic is in very good condition for its age showing only limited signs of wear. The serge is still a deep blue collar and not washed out like many original wartime tunics. The belt which comes with the tunic features the correct brass buckle but the serge appears to be more worn than the tunic. It was common for Airmen to wear the belt around their trousers when working in hot conditions which could explain why it is more worn in this instance.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is nice a clear stating the year of manufacture as 1942 and the size as No. 13 which will fit someone up to the height of 6', 38" chest and a 34" waist.

Overall a nice wartime tunic with history to the original owner. War dated tunics in wearable sizes such as this are becoming harder to find.