Scarce Original Early WW2 Brown British Army Anti Gas Brassard

Scarce Original Early WW2 Brown British Army Anti Gas Brassard

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A scarce original British Army anti gas brassard dating from the early part of the Second World War.

These brassards were produced as part of the wider range of anti-gas equipment issued to British soldiers during the late 1930s. four of these were issued to all ranks with spares to be carried in the respirator haversack which is undoubtedly how this one survived. They were worn on both sleeves (only one for NCO's so their rank was not obscured) with the cotton loop fitted over the epaulette to secure them. They would change colour in a gas attack and alert the men to take the necessary action. 

This example is an early war manufactured brassard as it is a brown colour - later in the war they were a much lighter shade. There is a faint trace of where the maker's stamp and date was originally printed inside the brassard although it is now almost illegible. The last picture shows the brassard folded up which is how it was found having been stored in this manner inside a gas mask bag for many years.

The item is in good condition as can be seen in the pictures and it displays well with no damage or similar. 

A very hard to find early war item which is a must have for the serious collector.