Original 1942 Dated RAF Kit Bag by 'O. Groom LTD'

Original 1942 Dated RAF Kit Bag by 'O. Groom LTD'

Code: 50771


A nice original RAF Kit Bag clearly dated 1942.

This example features two blue rings to the middle of the kit bag which look to have been applied at different times. The top of the bag features brass eyelets through which the original rope is still present and in good condition.

The name 'Chambers' can just be made out on one side of the bag as well as an RAF number and a few other details. There is also a paper ticket attached to the bag which dates from the Second World War period with the postal address in Ipswich of what I would assume is either the original owners wife or mother.

The inside flap of the bag bares a nice large War Department crows foot above the makers name, 'O. Groom Ltd, London' and the 1942 date.

The overall condition of the bag is average for a kit bag with plenty of marks etc related to use.

Altogether a nice original Wartime RAF kit bag which has a very clear date stamp.