Original 1940 Dated RAF MKII Steel Helmet 2C

Original 1940 Dated RAF MKII Steel Helmet 2C

Code: 50740


An original 1940 dated MKII Steel Helmet which came to be with a number of RAF items recently.

This helmet is a MKII Number 2C which is denoted by the three holes drilled in the side and means that it was not to be used by frontline troops. They did however see use with Home Guard, RAF and the Civil Defence which were all considered second line troops.

The helmet shell is stamped with the manufactures initials ‘J.S.S by one of the chin strap lugs who were a prolific maker in the early part of the war. The liner is clearly dated 1940 and made by ‘CCL’ and is a good size 7.

The shell itself is in good shape and still retains a reasonable amount of its original paint finish. The chin strap appears to be original to the helmet and is in good condition.

Overall this is a good original helmet with a nice early date And it would be an asset to any collection without a doubt.