Original 1940 Dated Indian Made Kit Bag - RAF Named

Original 1940 Dated Indian Made Kit Bag - RAF Named

Code: 50249


A nice original wartime example of a British Army kit bag named to an LAC in the RAF.

This particular kit bag is of Indian manufacture and appears to be dated 1940. The original owner, LAC Bishop, was stationed in the Far East during the war whilst serving with the RAF. Many items supplied to the British Army and RAF in the Far East were of Indian manufacture.

The kit bag gas various other markings to the outside as they often do including the ubiquitous 'Not wanted on voyage'. There is also a blue band around the kit bag which all RAF kit bags bare.

The bag has two stamps. Inside is the standard circular stamp found on all Indian made items which bares the date. On the outside is a diamond shape stamp which again bares the date, which although faint appears to be 1940.

All together a nice original kit bag that displays well.