Sefton D Type Oxygen Mask + Type 20 Microphone

Sefton D Type Oxygen Mask + Type 20 Microphone

Code: 55559


A high quality reproduction of the RAF D Type oxygen mask made by 'Sefton Clothing'. 

This pattern of oxygen mask was introduced in the 1930s and was the only pattern worn by airmen of the Royal Air Force during the Fall of France and the Battle of Britain. Due to this it has now become an iconic item and original examples are now very hard to find and demand a high premium when rarely offered onto the market. This has led to reproductions being made and the best of these is produced by Stephen Silburn of Sefton Clothing.

The body of the mask is made from a green coloured wool and check protectors are fitted to each side and have press studs which allow the mask to be fitted to the helmet and secured around the wearer's face. An original Type 20 microphone is fitted to the front of the mask and bears the RAF stores reference number 10A/11993. A reproduction of the oxygen hose is all fitted to the mask. 

The best reproduction available and a perfect stand-in for a real mask.