Scarce WW2 Early Pattern RAF Oxygen Mask Hose

Scarce WW2 Early Pattern RAF Oxygen Mask Hose

Code: 54129


A very hard to find original early pattern RAF oxygen mask hose dating from the Second World War.

This hose is notably different from the later produced hoses as it is made from a lighter weight rubber which is narrower snf features a great number of corrugations. This difference is illustrated in the last picture which shows this hose next to a later example. These hoses were used with the E, E* and G Type oxygen masks and are now very rare to find today. 

The features the correct wartime MK IV brass bayonet fitting and white metal crocodile clip to one end which is attached with the correct wartime pattern thread. The adapter features the Air Ministry AM marking as well as the reference of 6D/526 and the designation of MK IV. 

The other end of the hose is missing its plastic threaded nut which appears to have broken off. This has been reflected in the price and the hose could still be displayed with a mask.

A rare wartime example!