Scarce Original 1939 Pattern RAF Flying Boots - Size 11

Scarce Original 1939 Pattern RAF Flying Boots - Size 11

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A scarce original pair of RAF 1939 Pattern Flying boots in a size 11.

This pattern of boots was introduced in the late 1930s and is identical to the 1936 pattern aside from featuring canvas tops rather than leather. They are synonymous with pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain but they saw continued use throughout the rest of the war and feature in period pictures taken in Normandy in 1944 amongst others. 

The boots have clearly seen extensive wear but are actually from two different contracts. One boot was made in 1939 as part of contract 24383 and the other was made as part of contract 523877 in 1941. One boot feature features a rubberized canvas top whilst the other has a rubberised cotton twill top. Both boots feature the leather tab at the top of the boots which is the same as found on the 1936 pattern. 

The boots feature their original soles which match and have had half soles added. The heels are also originals and feature the brand name 'Dodca' and the words 'Made in England'. The fact these match and the consistent wear prove that the boots were worn as a pair. 

Inside are two pullers to aid with pulling on the boots. Both boots feature the Air Ministry AM and crown marking along with the size of 11 and the contract number. One also features the Air Inspection Department A.I.D. stamp. 

The boots are in well worn condition and clearly saw extensive action. They display well and have an excellent 'been there' look to them which cannot be replicated. There is a large period repair to inside of the right boot which may have been caused during flying. The sheepskin lining is in reasonable condition with some loss to small areas as is often the case with flying boots of this vintage. 

A very nice pair of original and sought after flying boots in a rare large size.