RAF First Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet Size 3

RAF First Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet Size 3

Code: 50070

A good example of the first pattern C-type flying helmet, sadly with a couple of floors.

This pattern of helmet was introduced during 1941 and replaced the B-type flying helmet, although some features, such as the 'Bennetts' buckle are common to both types.

Feature of the first pattern C-type also include forward goggle straps, not seen on the later models as well as a leather chin strap. Like the B-type flying helmet, this helmet was designed to be fitted with an external wiring loom.

The helmet is in very good condition and it is doubtful that it was even issued. The leather is in remarkable condition as is the chamois lining. It is also nicely stamped inside 'size 3'.

Sadly, both the receiver cups have perished, due to them being made of rubber. Replacements can be sourced and fitted however. The stitching along the top of the helmet has also sadly gone, but again this can be repaired. These facts are reflected in the price.

A nice early helmet that will make a good project for someone.